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735 South 200 West
Blanding, UT 84511
Phone: (435) 678-2254
Fax: (435) 678-2534

Monday – Friday
8:00am to 5pm

San Juan Clinic Blanding

As part of our commitment to providing excellence in rural community healthcare, San Juan Clinic – Blanding strives to offer the most up-to-date services and technologies to our patients. The variety of services we offer rivals that of any facility in our region. Patients are afforded the advantage of receiving comprehensive healthcare close to home, in a facility familiar to them and their families while still receiving the utmost professionalism and confidentiality…a combination that gives a distinct advantage in offering the best continuity of care.

The vision of San Juan Health Service District is that we are motivated by our commitment to excellence and that we will be:

The best place to receive care
The best place to work
The best place to practice medicine
We will serve as an invaluable resource to the people and communities we support

San Juan Clinic Blanding is proud to help bring this vision to pass.

Acute care
Well-child checks
Sports physicals
Scout physicals
CDL physicals
DOL certification
Pulmonary function testing
Blood pressure checks
INR checks
Trigger point injections
Incision and drainage
Skin biopsies (punch, excision, shave)
Suture removal
Cast application
Newborn circumcision
Ear tubes
Osteopathic manipulative therapy

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